Monday, January 23, 2017

Decent Comics: "Fight With Fire Drake" by Bridwell, Saaf, and Giordano

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! "New Look Supergirl" writer/artist/editor Mike Sekowsky's tenure ended so abruptly (according to Back Issue #84 publisher Carmine Infantino fired him and replaced him with editor Joe Orlando) that assistant editor E. Nelson Bridwell was pressed into service to write a second story to fill out the ish (Sekowsky's finale only ran 14 pages). Romance artist Art Saaf was brought in to draw the story (and he'd draw a lot more!) and Dick Giordano inked it. Bridwell immediately started making changes by getting rid of Sekowsky's exo-skeleton (used to replace the now-you-see-me-now-you-don't  powers Sekowsky had saddled the Maid of Might with) with a Kandorian bracelet and her Legion flight ring. The highlight for Young Groove was the new costume (designed by fan Margret Berg), baby! Hot pants, a bathing suit top, and go-go boots! Still looks kinda cool, dunnit? Ahem, anyway, here's "Fight With Fire Drake" from Adventure Comics #409 (June 1971)!

A couple more notes: this is the first 52 page/25 cent ish of Adventure aaaaand the (Giordano) cover spotlights the above Supergirl story, but the title on the cover goes to Sekowsky's lead-tale. Weird, huh?

Friday, January 20, 2017

Making a Splash: P. Craig Russell's War of the Worlds/Killraven

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! For Ol' Groove, one of the highest-of-the-high-points of Marvel in the Groovy Age was Don McGregor's War of the Worlds/Killraven run in Amazing Adventures. With artists like Herb Trimpe, Rich Buckler, and Gene Colan, McGregor took Roy Thomas' cool idea (H.G. Wells' Martians return to conquer Earth) and elevated it into a unique, way ahead of it's time sci-fi strip. When neo-artist P. Craig Russell joined him as artist (A. A. issues 27-32, 34-37 (layouts only on 35-36), and 39, August 1974-August 1976 ) the comic became legendary. Russell's art was as unique and cool as McGregor's writing, with both men elevating the comics medium with each passing issue. Russell is a master, there is no doubt, and even his early work showed a style that stood out from all the rest...

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Boys from Derby: "Baku the Dream Eater" by Tom Sutton

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Well, today we're gonna take a look at Charlton Comics getting cosmic--via the genius of Tom Sutton! Yep, "Baku the Dream Eater," from Ghostly Haunts #55 (July 1977) makes no bones about its being a part of the Cthulhu Mythos, name dropping both Cthulhu and Soggoth! Dig it!


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